Wooden Indian Burial Ground w/Reid Magette, Study Hall

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Psychedelic garage rock is by no means scarce in today’s soundscape, but one band stands out from the pack — Portland, Ore.’s Wooden Indian Burial Ground, who’s in the middle of a national tour behind their eponymous debut LP. Their proficiency approaches that of Black Angels, but they share more in common with vintage 13th Floor Elevators and Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd’s floral-tinged dark matter than their heavier, more riff-oriented cousins. Not unlike local rock philosopher Daniel Pujol, gravel-throated troubadour Reid Magette specializes in tunes that are simultaneously meditative and anthemic; his songs are perfectly enjoyable played alone on an acoustic guitar, though they adapt in awesome fashion to a solid band. Study Hall, relative newcomers from the East Side, will be on hand to open the show. 


Mon, Jun 10 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Wooden Indian Burial Ground

Portland OR  |  Rock

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