Paperhaus w/Ttotals & Forwards Edwards

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Established venues like bars and clubs are vital to a music scene’s overall health, but just as important are those rec-room shows where groups can build a following or test out new material, and band and audience are forced by laws of physics to mingle. On that note, we’re psyched to see the denizens of The Other Basement add to the list of more than 50 bands who’ve graced their space in the past three years. Paperhaus, known for hosting shows in their own DC-area home, are touring the country in support of their forthcoming EP Lo Hi Lo, which brings all four members’ influences and writing skills to bear on a slice of confessional rock with a garage urgency that splits the difference between The Smiths and Superchunk. Following a new 7-inch called “Spectrums of Light” and an Austin Psych Fest appearance, local duo Ttotals (the first “T” is silent) makes its second Other Basement appearance this month, showcasing the band’s subtly shifting and aptly named “Outer Blues.” Austin “Forwards” Edwards is set to kick off the evening with his elastic voice and flair for dramatic pop, Latin jazz and Baltic folk.


Thu, May 16 | 8:00 PM
The Other Basement
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Washington DC  |  Alternative

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