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Hardcore Essentials 2 Lock-in featuring Gammer & S3RL

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A moment of silence, please, for Nashville’s underground rave community. While it’s not quite dead, this is the last all-night party at Avenue 9, the spot that’s been hosting underground events and may soon become the last downtown spot to do so. And the exit isn’t for any of the reasons we usually associate with dance music — no runs-ins with the cops, no drug busts, no fights — just that giant hulking behemoth of a convention center and its need to turn everything around it into a hotel. Local crew TN EDM are bringing it big for the last night with U.K.’s DJ Gammer and S33rL from Australia, plus their usual slew of locals, 
badass sound, mind-bending lighting and good vibes. It makes us sad. Hardcore isn’t always our fave form of EDM, but it’s definitely the last corner left untainted by corporate promoters and crass commercialization. Fingers crossed they find a new home soon. 6 p.m. at Avenue 9


Sat, May 18 | 6:00 PM
Avenue 9
All ages
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DJ Gammer

Northampton UK  |  Electronic/DJ

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