No Country For New Nashville Two Year Anniversary w/ Colorfeels, EL EL and The Beck Song Reader performed by Daniel Ellsworth

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A century ago, when the recording industry was still in its infancy, sheet music was the way for your song to become a pop sensation. Leave it to style synthesist Beck Hansen, whose 1994 Dust-Brothers-assisted Grammy winner Odelay! was the ultimate in musical micromanagement, to hand over total control to his audience with his latest album: Song Reader, a collection of 20 tunes that exist only as sheet music, was published in late 2012. With no recording available to imitate, each performance of a given song is a unique interpretation influenced by how the players read the notes, the instruments they choose, and other unpredictable variables — a highly unusual experience in today’s landscape of perfectly reproduced digital sound. Tonight local pluralist-pop pros Colorfeels and El El will join the ranks of locals who’ve already shared their interpretations of Song Reader in public; Colorfeels’ roots are in rock, and El El’s in synth-pop-infused Afrobeat, but each have plenty of other strains of influence that may come to bear on their take. 


Sat, May 25 | 9:00 PM
The Basement
21 and over
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Nashville TN  |  Alternative

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