The Lonely H Album Release feat. Derek Hoke, Cale Tyson & Magnolia Sons

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Adopted Nashvillians The Lonely H encapsulate so much of what’s been lost in contemporary rock ’n’ roll: showmanship, flair and an affinity for good times. In the post-Lou Reed/My Bloody Valentine/Pavement world we live in, it’s easy for bands with even the slightest bit of masculine brazenness to be disregarded as insincere or shallow, but The Lonely H shines with an earnestness and older brother-esque confidence that’s hard to hate. With horns that might as well been lifted from Exile on Main Street and guitar tones to match, the group seems bent on going toe-to-toe with your dad’s stack of musty LPs while carving their own voice from the kind of sounds that Springsteen, Creedence and The Kinks pioneered decades before. The group’s forthcoming self-titled album finds singer Mark Fredson lamenting on loves come and gone while the band flexes muscled guitar licks and its tumbling rhythm section. Not singing along to the ending portion of “When You Don’t Call Me” is nearly impossible. 

—Jared Sullivan

Fri, Jul 12 | 9:00 PM
The 5 Spot
21 and over
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The Lonely H

Nashville TN  |  Alternative

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