Langhorne Slim, Carey Ott and Ali Sperry

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Langhorne Slim has achieved cult status for his smoky voice and bluesy, boot-stomping folksongs. Last year he released The Way We Move. His artful lyrics — and those of roadhouse musicians and night-owl romantics Carey Ott and Ali Sperry — recount moving on when you’d rather stay, and vice versa. Instead of making you feel like a witness to someone removing his own appendix with a spoon and a bottle of Jack, these performers draw you in. In the 1934 movie Imitation of Life, loyal housekeeper Delilah tells her boss: “It don’t seem right for you to be carrying around them heavy cans of syrup, peddlin’.” In the case of these local singers, it don’t seem right for them to be carrying around albums of ass-kicking heartbreak. But that don’t make it any less fun to sing along. Pitiless honesty and excellent drumming imbue tales about fucking up a good thing — with soul, even. There’s so much authentic life in their mistakes that it’s hard not to dance, and why shouldn’t you? The pleasure in hearing about getting better always has to do with the details of being bad to start with.

—Sarah Norris

Tue, Jul 2 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Langhorne Slim

Portland OR  |  Alternative

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