Glenn Jones, LYLAS & Kelli Hix

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Popular music fans in the ’60s and ’70s may have dismissed the folk music movement as irrelevant — if you thought The Beatles and James Brown were the era’s most important figures, you might have regarded the folk-blues stylings of guitarist John Fahey and the folk-rock songs of The Youngbloods as footnotes to pop’s narrative. A half-century later, Fahey’s tone poems have influenced such guitarists as Glenn Jones, who adds post-Skip James blues tonality to the compositions on his new full-length, My Garden State. Meanwhile, Nashville’s LYLAS reminds me of The Youngbloods circa “Four in the Morning” and The Incredible String Band around the time of “Way Back in the 1960s” — leader Kyle Hamlett combines artiness with pithy songwriting. Rounding out the bill is film archivist Kelli Hix, who will be showing movie clips that may include old country music performances and snatches of experimental animation. 

—Edd Hurt

Tue, Jul 16 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Glenn Jones

Cambridge MA  | 

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