Chris Schlarb and Psychic Temple w/Aaron Roche, R. Stevie Moore

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Seems like we’re spending a lot of time at the Fox this summer, but if they keep bringing shows like this, far be it from us to complain. On his new full-length, Psychic Temple II, Long Beach’s Chris Schlarb explores vintage FM pop and jazz-fusion with a sincerity and skill we haven’t seen in a long time. The drifting yet deliberate originals are what matters, but the covers convey the tone, from a breathless downtempo take on soft-rock staple “Steppin’ Out” to a languid folk rendering of Zappa’s “Sofa No. 2.” Prolific home-recording legend R. Stevie Moore may be a buzzing whirlwind of sound by contrast, but constant curiosity and a desire to push boundaries tie the two together. Composer/multi-instrumentalist Aaron Roche is also a common thread, as he’s backed up RSM on tour and contributed to both volumes of Schlarb’s Psychic Temple; Last year’s lush experimental-pop outing !BlurMyEyes featured contributions from Moore and Nashville percussionist/impresario Chris Davis, as well as engineering by local Mike Odmark.

—Stephen Trageser

Thu, Jul 18 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Chris Schlarb

Long Beach CA  |  Alternative

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