Melvins w/Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

At this point, do you really need a rock critic to tell you why you should go see The Melvins rock Third Man Records’ Blue Room — where the proto-grunge power trio par excellence is sure to set an ear-shattering record on the decibel meter? That’s like trying to sell a starving foodie on the joy of eating cheesecake. For three decades and counting, King Buzzo & Co. have, without losing any of their jagged edge, strived to deafen audiences with pummeling, cavernous, heavy-metal art-rock. The band’s latest gut-rumbling long player, Everybody Loves Sausages, is a covers album, on which they recast an oddly broad bouquet of selections by artists ranging from David Bowie, Queen and Ram Jam to John Waters, Venom and Throbbing Gristle — providing an off-putting, ear-splitting glimpse into how the Melvins’ own name-brand kielbasa is made. 


Thu, May 30 | 8:00 PM
Third Man Records
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Los Angeles CA  |  Alternative

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