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Given the six-year silence imposed by a dispute with former label Jade Tree, Snowden’s sophomore album No One In Control sounds surprisingly free of urgency — a quality that actually helps distinguish its synth-heavy dance grooves. The album proceeds at an unhurried pace that makes for a highly tranquilizing experience, even as edgy undercurrents begin to show. Pleasantly haunting keyboards and shoegaze-y guitar drifts seduce you into letting your guard down while principal member Jordan Jeffares sings about a “dead lover’s tongue.” Inversely, a breathy come-on like “I could be a poet but we don’t have time” hints at vague meanings that prevent you from getting too comfortable to pay attention. This is, after all, dance music. What makes it just as fitting for a bubble bath as for a sweaty room is that Jeffares is able to transplant the thump-thump of, say, LCD Soundsystem into dramatic, harmonically rich songcraft on par with Simple Minds. Snowden wasn’t very easy to lump in with its early millennial peers to begin with. It’s even less so now. 


Sun, Jun 2 | 8:00 PM (7:00 Door)
The High Watt
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Austin TX  |  Alternative

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