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Let us, for a moment, discuss the brilliance of Joseph Fidler Walsh. He was the best damn thing that ever happened to the Eagles. Why, you ask? Because he’s the best damn thing that ever happened to humanity, that’s why. Have you ever heard the James Gang? No? Please turn in your rock ’n’ roller card and board the bus to Chode-ville. Are you some sort of Lumineers fan or something? Grow a pair. James Gang destroys all comers, and Walsh’s solo records are the finest classic rock relics of the late ’70s. Shit, “Life’s Been Good” is not only the weirdest song on classic rock radio, but it’s also the only one that has not and never will get annoying. If we were in charge of classic rock radio, it would be the only song on classic rock radio. Plus the man is immortal, a god among men, and cannot be killed by mere booze and hard drugs. Wait, this isn’t a Walsh solo show? Why is this a pick? The Eagles fucking blow. Maybe Walsh isn’t perfect after all. 


Wed, Oct 16 | 7:00 PM
Bridgestone Arena
$85 - $175
[Venue Details]


Los Angeles CA  |  Rock

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