The Martian Denny Orchestra

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In their native universe — where the beloved godfather of rock ’n’ roll, Mitch Miller, didn’t have a goatee — the Martian Denny Orchestra are intergalactic megastars. How could they not be? After all, the band features former and present members of such rock ’n’ roll quasars as Los Straitjackets and NRBQ, not to mention that their individual résumés include stints with the likes of Johnny Cash, John Mellencamp, Webb Wilder and many more. But alas, they fell through the space-time rift into our degraded and corrupted world, and can now be found playing for tips in local Nashville hangouts. Being the noble space cadets they are, such a fate has not diminished their rock ’n’ roll instrumental fabulousness one whit. Hop on board their reverb-driven rocket sled for the planet Gonesville!

—Randy Fox

Fri, Jun 28 | 9:00 PM
The Family Wash
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The Martian Denny Orchestra

Nashville TN  |  Rock

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