Zero Boys w/Slammers, Cannomen & Fucked Ethos

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Although the legacy of Indianapolis punk quartet Zero Boys consists of more or less one album, that album — 1982’s Vicious Circle — continues to speak volumes about punk’s capacity to absorb a range of influences. Anyone wondering what new ingredients might still be added to the punk recipe would do well to look to the Zero Boys for suggestions. Even when compared to the music of unorthodox contemporaries like Black Flag and the Minutemen, the Zero Boys’ work stands out as the antithesis of the tunnel vision that would hijack punk and hardcore soon after the band’s premature breakup. Paradoxically, Vicious Circle is bound to satisfy even the most dogmatic of punks who cling to the notion that punk needs to be fast and raw. Somehow, the Zero Boys expanded punk’s horizons while also capturing its essence. They may have an anthem titled “Livin’ in the 80s,” but their music offers promise for tomorrow as it speaks to the past — arguably even more than quintessential acts like the Ramones, Sex Pistols and Wire.


Thu, Jun 13 | 9:00 PM
The End
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Zero Boys

Indianapolis IN  |  Alternative

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