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Something’s different about Silver Lake, Calif., indie-rock outfit Local Natives on this year’s Hummingbird. Interviews and reviews note the departure of former bassist Andy Hamm as well as the death of member Kelcey Ayer’s mother as factors contributing to the Natives’ latest sounds, which are notably more pensive and brooding than those of their 2010 breakthrough debut Gorilla Manor. What’s more, the album was produced by Aaron Dessner of brainy Brooklynites The National, aka The Kings of Brooding Indie Rock, who will be playing the Ryman on Sunday, as it happens. Hummingbird is certainly full of euphonious arrangements, spot-on vocal harmonies and diverse, adroitly played parts — even if it doesn’t seem like the best material for a big, free, family-friendly outdoor-concert-series performance. Hey, maybe they’ll play the cover of Talking Heads’ “Warning Sign” from Gorilla Manor. Leagues and Lulu Mae will also perform. 


Thu, Sep 5 | 5:00 PM
Public Square Park
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Local Natives

Los Angeles CA  |  Alternative

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