The Body w/Act of Impalement, Brother Ares & Laser Flames on the Great Big News

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Fuck it, we’re skipping Bonnaroo! With all the hippies out of town and all the hipsters out in a field, it’s time for a goddamn metal takeover of Music City. And there’s no band better to lead the charge than Portland, Ore.’s noise-doom duo The Body. These two dudes have been pummeling their way across America for more than a decade, creating sprawling, innovative metal that is as unique as it is unrelenting. Their new EP, Master, We Perish, is an ear-piercing assault on the normative, a brain-shredding declaration of purpose that manages to be beautiful and discordant while simultaneously sounding menacing as hell. Joined by a solid crew of brutal locals, this show is pretty much everything we want out of a weekend, without all the patchouli and barfing bros


Sat, Jun 15 | 8:00 PM
The Owl Farm
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The Body

Providence RI  |  Metal

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