Katey Red w/DJ Spice-J

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Hang onto your butts, Nashville, because the legendary Queen of Bounce is coming to town, and that booty’s ’bout to pop! Red is the originator, the master practitioner, the knock-down-drag-out champion of the New Orleans post-gender party-sound known as sissy bounce — she’s a legend in her own time, frankly. Before Big Freedia, before Nicky Da B, back before every jerk and their mom was putting their twerk on YouTube, Red was running the game. There is no way to overstate her importance in this art form. And yes, making asses — male, female, neither, both — bounce the way Red does is an art form. Red is joined by Spice-J, Nashville’s most ardent proponent of the NOLA bounce sound and host of the weekly, wild Shadynasty parties at Foobar.


Sat, Jun 15 | 10:00 PM
The East Room
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