Wax Tailor w/Black Cat Sylvester

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We’re simple folks, and we have simple tastes — all we need is a Frenchman, some twisted beats and a fairy tale about vinyl-collecting kids. That’s simple enough, right? OK, that package doesn’t come around terribly often, but tonight — oh, magical night! — our dreams come true, as Wax Tailor performs here! Tailor, the French down-tempo hip-hop producer who has become one of the world leaders of the post-hip-hop sound, is on tour supporting 2012’s Dusty Rainbow From the Dark, a fractured magical trip through the looking glass of sample-delic culture. Tailor creates beats that are playful and twisted, bright and buoyant, but with dark edges and creepy monsters behind all the cuts and scratches. He’s got all the sex and funk of a post-postmodernist Serge Gainsbourg, creating a jazzy, weird hip-hop hybrid that’ll make all your dreams come true.

—Sean L. Maloney

Fri, Sep 13 | 8:00 PM
All ages
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Wax Tailor

Paris France  |  Electronic

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