Starfucker w/Chrome Sparks & Feelings

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Portland, Ore.’s Starfucker relies on dated drum machines, glossy keyboard fills and brittle vocal hooks to create woozy, dance-inflected pop songs that are equally indebted to New Order’s electro-nihilism and Tom Tom Club’s synth goofiness. The group’s 2013 effort Miracle Mile stands as a testament to frontman Joshua Hodges’ songwriting prowess, his vocals high in the mix and his lyrics clear and purposeful. On “Malmo,” the band keeps a heavy four-on-the-floor rhythm while synths putter along to Hodges’ musings on love come and gone. While other contemporary electronic acts may boast deeper low ends or a more hummable chorus, Starfucker has enough dimension and lyrical depth to warrant repeated listens. Openers Chrome Sparks explore similar sounds, but delve into a deeper keyboard psychosis and willingly lose themselves in rambling song structures. 


Fri, Sep 20 | 8:00 PM
18 and over
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Portland OR  |  Alternative

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