FIDLAR w/The Orwells

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Good news for punk rock fans who missed FIDLAR on their opening stint with Wavves just six months ago: They’re back, and they’re drunker than ever. Hailing from Los Angeles, the self-destruction capital of the world, FIDLAR is a blissfully uncomplicated band. On their debut album, a thrash-fest that has roots in the suburban boredom of Descendents and the West Coast hardcore punk scene, they batter listeners with songs like “Cheap Beer” (about drinking cheap beer), “Wake Bake Skate” (about skating while high) and “Cocaine” (I think you get the picture). FIDLAR isn’t exactly the deepest, most unique band, but that’s why they’re so good. When White Lung pummeled Bonnaroo this year with a riotous set that could’ve fit inside one Phish jam — that was a statement. FIDLAR’s no-style style is what sets them apart — not because they’re saying, “Look how different we are,” but because they’re saying, “Shut up and party.” I think we could all use a lot more of that. 


Mon, Oct 14 | 8:00 PM
18 and over
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Los Angeles CA  |  Alternative

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