Phosphorescent w/the Lonely Wild

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Funny how two different artists can conceive an album in the same sort of setting — some out-of-the-way boho retreat where time moves slowly and the booze and introspective verses flow — and end up with such different results. Such is the case with recent offerings from John Mayer and Phosphorescent. While Mayer’s just-released Paradise Valley has earned its share of eye rolls, Muchacho has made Phosphorescent architect Matthew Houck into an even greater object of critical fascination than he already was. It helps that Houck has always come off as an enigmatic slacker-songwriter-mystic — not a guy who’d blab about his celebrity sexual conquests — and lest his lyrics grow too pretentious, he’s fallen under the deceptively simple spell of classic country expression. He does a bit of Johnny Cash-quoting on his latest album, but spends the bulk of it on a surreal yet self-aware airing of wounds set to Brian Eno-fied electro twang-pop. Openers The Lonely Wild may not be on such a psychedelic trip, but they take their folk-rock arrangements to plenty of panoramic places.

—Jewly Hight

Sun, Sep 15 | 8:00 PM (6:00 Door)
3rd & Lindsley
All ages
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Brooklyn NY  |  Alternative

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