AEG Live / The Messina Group presents

Franz Ferdinand

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

When Heraclitus claimed that change is life’s only constant, he failed to predict the selling power of a strong artistic brand —and he didn’t factor in Franz Ferdinand’s stellar uniformity. Ever since “Take Me Out” pushed the band’s self-titled debut up the charts back in 2004, Franz Ferdinand has mindfully developed a stylized identity that helped cultivate the potential one-hit wonder into a burgeoning evergreen career. The songwriting of super-couple Alex Kapranos and Nick McCarthy yields a foolproof dance-rock formula garnished with pop confections and heavy attention to aesthetic detail. Their viselike grip on the tangible and sonic elements of the creative process has previously spawned three strong releases, and August’s Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions is further affirmation of their gifts. 


Tue, Oct 15 | 7:30 PM (6:30 Door)
The Cannery Ballroom
18 and over
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Franz Ferdinand

Glasgow Scotland  |  Alternative

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