Grand Palace Showcase: Joey & Kelly of Glossary (acoustic) w/ Apollo Up!, Bows and Arrows, and BootyHop

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

It may seem like eons ago, but there was a time when there wasn’t a whole hell of a lot going on in the Nashville indie scene. So little, in fact, that people actually hung out in Murfreesboro to see the latest and greatest bands. We know it sounds weird, and it’s a little tough to wrap the noggin around, but them’s the facts, y’all — you can look through our back issues if you don’t believe us. And if you question of the quality of the tunes, head out to this time machine of a show that might have been ripped from a photocopied flier at the Red Rose Cafe. Apollo Up has always delivered Elvis Costello hooks at Hüsker Dü speeds, Joey and Kelly Kneiser form the core of Southern indie majordomos Glossary, and Booty Hoop is a little-seen but legendary party band.

—Sean L. Maloney

Fri, Aug 9 | 8:00 PM
18 and over
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Murfreesboro TN  |  Rock

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