Heyrocco w/Coinship (Album Release) & Kris Gruen

Led by local singer-songwriter auteur Leticia Wolf, Coinship’s debut, Godspeed to the General, boasts an intriguing variety of textures. Trip-hoppy alt-electro pop tracks like “Trouble Catching” and “I’m Gold” boast a bed of laid-back programmed beats, lush layers of synthesizers and slow-moving chord progressions, resulting in a sonic conflation akin to Mazzy Star fading into Portishead, updated for 2013 chillwave fans. Likewise, ornate ballads like “Vampires” and the wistful “Valentine” rest comfortably on a foundation of percussive acoustic and jangly electric guitars, live drums and new wave-nodding hooks, contrasting with and complementing the record’s straighter pop-rock gems like “Golden Eagle” and “Underneath,” or the twisted, dark, industrial closer “Magnified.” All the while, Wolf’s sultry, silvery voice towers above the musical mélange with assertive delivery, going from a clear croon to a slightly crackling rasp. Coinship takes the platform of crowd-funding an album a step further than most artists — the songs on Godspeed are inspired by the album’s backers, who are involved in the creative process of composing and cutting the record. Hear the finished product live at tonight’s release show.

—Adam Gold

Fri, Jul 5 | 9:00 PM
The Basement
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Charleston SC  |  Rock

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