Iron and Wine

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Iron and Wine’s Ghost on Ghost, released earlier this year, opens with the loosely rollicking “Caught in the Briars,” full of woozy horns and rubbery bass lines that are about as far from the close-whispered hush of the band’s early recordings as one can get without resorting to a bass drop. But no matter the tempo or instrumentation, Sam Beam’s voice opens a space of stillness and serenity in the center of any song. (There’s tension and anxiety, too, imported by way of lyrics that tumble between naked vulnerability and archetypal conflicts.) His influence on the grooming habits of World Series-winning baseball teams notwithstanding — fulsome-bearded Boston first baseman Mike Napoli was his spitting image this October — the marvel of Beam’s work has always been his ability, even amidst the busiest arrangements, to create the illusion that he’s singing in slow motion.

—Steve Haruch

Sun, Nov 10 | 7:30 PM
Ryman Auditorium
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Iron & Wine

Myrtle Beach SC  |  Alternative

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