Tim Kaiser, Dylan Simon and Amy Blackburn Simon & Devin Bell

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Tim Kaiser is one of the true mad scientists of experimental music. An endlessly imaginative instrument builder, Kaiser creates sound-making devices out of just about every object imaginable. Search “Tim Kaiser” and “Make TV” on YouTube to find a mind-blowing video of the man at work, demonstrating such devices as his “spring bass” (made from a lamp, a gear from a snowmobile, curtain rod springs and a piano string) or his “chime escapement machine” (made with parts from an old grandfather clock). He’s like a one-man sci-fi soundtrack, and seeing him in concert should be electrifying in more ways than one. Also on the bill: Dylan Simon and Amy Blackburn Simon, who blend voice, synthesizer and hurdy-gurdy into a dreamy soundscape; and Devin Bell, who according to the press release “will harness the power of audience smartphones and use them as multichannel speakers in which to broadcast his circuit-bent drone set.” Here’s one show where you won’t get dirty looks for using your phone.

—Jack Silverman

Sat, Jun 29 | 9:00 PM
Noa Noa
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