Filligar w/Mikaela Davis & Mainland

Whether or not we’re past the point where using a harp in pop music should even raise eyebrows, singer-songwriter/harpist Mikaela Davis makes the instrument sound perfectly natural, as if songwriters and arrangers should have made room for it all along. At the same time, Davis’ harp work conveys a range of colors and tones that haven’t been fully explored given its prevailing stereotype as an “angelic” sound. Davis adroitly plays the dreamy strums we’ve come to expect against the subdued emotional force of her lyrics. But her round, booming voice, while enticingly smooth and sweet to the ear, also puts forth a wary ambivalence that points to the kind of rich inner world we want songs to pull us into in the first place. There, in the contrast between polish and fade, Davis’ harp sparkles like a previously unheard — even slightly dangerous — voice. 

—Saby Reyes-Kulkarni

Mon, Jul 29 | 8:00 PM
Presale ($10.00) & Day of show ($13.00)
18 and over
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Chicago IL  |  Rock

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