Poets and Prophets: Sonny Throckmorton

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

The discontents of polyester-suited adultery were rarely spelled out with as much soul as in the great string of singles John Conlee released in the early ’80s. Conlee’s “Friday Night Blues” and “She Can’t Say That Anymore” married his post-Merle Haggard vocals to the songwriting of Sonny Throckmorton, who had already achieved success writing for the likes of Bobby Lewis and Johnny Duncan. Written with Rafe Van Hoy, “Friday Night Blues” explored middle-class ennui — the song pitted a hard-working provider against a housewife who just wanted to boogie on the weekends. Meanwhile, “She Can’t Say That Anymore” was a disco-flavored psychodrama about another dissatisfied marriage. A New Mexico native who moved to Nashville in 1964, Throckmorton is one of country’s finest tunesmiths: He penned Jerry Lee Lewis’ 1977 hit “Middle Age Crazy”  and co-wrote The Judds’ classic “Why Not Me” with Harlan Howard and Brent Maher.

—Edd Hurt

Sat, Jul 20 | 1:30 PM
The Country Music Hall of Fame
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