Elise Davis w/Hailey Whitters & Stephanie Lambring

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Elise Davis — like torch-song sirens Tammy Wynette and Neko Case — writes bitter country dirges that sting more than they serenade. In contrast to the sterile country music pumped over the airwaves, Davis’ music isn’t bound by Music Row clichés, instead relying on naked stream-of-consciousness narratives that owe as much to Lou Reed as Lucinda Williams. Her lyrics tell stories about making out with boys in parking lots, drinking to feel better about herself, and smoking enough weed to fall asleep on strangers’ floors. On this year’s Big Ol’ Dreams EP, Davis’ band serves as a sturdy and comfortable base for her punch-drunk storytelling. Few songs as good and blistering as “Make the Kill” have come out of Nashville in years. Similarly, show opener Hailey Whitters summons the space-country aesthetics that Daniel Lanois brought to Emmylou Harris’ Wrecking Ball and Willie Nelson’s Teatro in the late ’90s.


Thu, Aug 22 | 8:00 PM (7:00 Door)
The Mercy Lounge
18 and over
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Elise Davis

Nashville TN  |  Singer-Songwriter

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