Cassino w/The Lowdown and EvyIvy

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As a folk band, Cassino avoids the mom-van-anthem Americana that’s currently filling stadiums, instead favoring the melodies and themes that ruled the ’90s indie-pop underground. While the Huntsville-via-Nashville group takes clear cues from the likes of Built to Spill and Guided By Voices, they rely on muted drums, clear acoustic guitars and Peter Buck-inspired electric leads more than walls of guitar fuzz. Their long-drive-with-nothing-to-think-about approach to folk serves as a steady backdrop for singer Nick Torres’ fractured and sobering narratives, which tell of loss, longing and growing old. The group’s most recent proper release, 2011’s The Weight of Bother, is a fine collection of focused songwriting and musicianship well suited for nighttime drives along forgotten stretches of interstate. While Cassino prefers introspection, openers The Lowdown offer a large helping of blues boogying with their Stones-inspired romps. Likewise, Evylvy’s piano pop is anthemic, unnerving and built to get people out of their chairs. 

—Jared Sullivan

Thu, Jul 25 | 9:00 PM
The Basement
21 and over
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Huntsville AL  |  Singer-Songwriter

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