Father Figures w/Adia Victoria & Music Band

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As much as we love jazz — which is a whole fuck of a lot — it doesn’t always feel like the most contemporary of genres. Frankly, even some of the newest jazz music sounds like it’s been preserved in amber for millennia, so rarely does it connect with this modern world of ours. Which is a shame, because the world could use more jazz — especially if said jazz is of the heavy, visceral Father Figures variety. Hailing from New York City and peddling a vibe that’s part post-bop, part Krautrock and part Afrobeat, Father Figures are jazzbos for rock kids. In all deference to Ornette Coleman, we’re really hoping this is the shape of jazz to come — potent, primal and of the moment.


Fri, Aug 16 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Father Figures

Brooklyn NY  |  Jazz

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