One More Time: A Tribute to Daft Punk w/DJ Indie Chris

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Despite being more elusive than Sasquatch, or perhaps because of it, Daft Punk are the biggest thing in electronic dance music since … er, let’s just say Daft Punk are the sliced bread of EDM. And even though the phantom French duo returned to the forefront of pop music with this year’s Random Access Memories — along with the ubiquitous megahit “Get Lucky” — the chances of them coming to Nashville anytime soon (or ever) are probably null — even Bonnaroo has yet to land ’em. So here’s the next best thing — a tribute band. One More Time nails Daft Punk’s smooth electro-pop with fastidious precision and puts on a small-scale (but nevertheless impressive) version of the duo’s face-melting light-pyramid stage production to boot. Since DP performs in shiny, bedazzled black suits and face-obscuring helmets, One More Time does too, making it all the more easy to convince yourself you’re seeing the real thing. And who knows? Maybe you are. DJ Indie Chris opens. 

—Adam Gold

Fri, Aug 30 | 8:00 PM
18 and over
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One More Time: A Tribute to Daft Punk

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