Baths w/Groundislava & Time Wharp

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Even though “indie” has long been a marketing buzzword rather than a signifier of the cutting edge, there are still artists on the periphery of every scene who have something fresh to contribute, cutting through the corporate gentrification that inevitably affects any genre with commercial potential. Enter this trio of indie electronic producers, whose sound takes contemporary clubbers’ fascination with glitchy, bass-heavy tracks in new directions. Atlanta-born Time Wharp leads off with a heady fusion of chiptune synths and beats that pull from both ultra-contemporary trap and the time-tested sample manipulation styles of J. Dilla. L.A.’s Groundislava colors his canvas with cool splashes of downtempo dream pop and sophisti-pop, a perspective he also applies to remixes that run the gamut from Gotye to Jay-Z. Headliner Baths, also an L.A. native, had to put his sophomore album on hold for months due to a horrendous bacterial infection. That experience poured some substantial darkness into the aptly titled Obsidian, which showcases Baths’ impressive upper vocal range as well as his production muscle.


Mon, Oct 21 | 8:00 PM
18 and over
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Los Angeles CA  |  Electronic

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