Fuzz w/CCR Headcleaner

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Much like the zombies that proliferate in contemporary television and film, pop music is overrun by bands armed with Orange amps, fuzz pedals and a monomaniacal thirst for vintage sounds. By naming itself Fuzz, this California trio literally spells out what’s on the menu: muscular rock excavated from the hash-resin swamp of heavy metal prehistory. What separates Fuzz from their less distinguishable brethren, however, is the cleverness and verve with which they reimagine the past. You get the sense these guys would put their amps at the front of the stage if they could, and that it would be very funny. Given the presence of Ty Segall (who plays drums here), it’s no surprise that Fuzz have time travel on their minds. But rather than sentence the listener to stoner-rock re-education camp, the band’s eponymous debut emphasizes boogie over riffs and plays like the soundtrack to an especially entertaining party. Heavy Cream opens. 


Mon, Oct 7 | 9:00 PM
The End
18 and over
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San Francisco CA  |  Electronic

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