The Boom Bap feat. Rate, Bowls, & Case Bloom w/Special Guest DJ Jay Ski

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A few Saturdays ago we were scanning our news feed and saw a longtime Boom Bapper tweet, “The Boom Bap is too crunk for its own good.” While some may take that as a slight, we took it as a warning that our ever-tardy asses weren’t getting in the door in time. So now we have a new rule: No more hipster bullshit — we’re getting there unfashionably early from now on. That’s the only way to see the best of the true-school throwdown at Nashville’s favorite hip-hop party. Shit, we might even camp out, like that dude who went viral while he was waiting for Titans tickets. This week we’re going to get there quick to check out Sirius/XM and Skratch Makaniks DJ Jay-Ski get ill on the wheels of steel. 

—Sean L. Maloney

Sat, Jul 27 | 9:00 PM
The 5 Spot
21 and over
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DJ Jay-Ski

Lindenwold NJ  |  Electronic/DJ

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