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Cody ChesnuTT

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Ten years ago, Cody ChesnuTT was primed to be crowned the new king of retro R&B, and to take over the pop world in the process. ChesnuTT’s 2002 double-album debut The Headphone Masterpiece expertly blended rock, R&B, funk and blues styles on a 4-track recording over 36 tracks that sounded like neo soul’s answer to Guided by Voices’ Bee Thousand. In 2003 The Roots featured ChesnuTT on a cover of the Headphone standout “The Seed” and scored an international hit. But in the intervening decade, save for an unreleased live album, a 2010 EP (Black Skin No Value) and a couple of stray singles, ChesnuTT has been about as prolific as Syd Barrett post-Barrett. So what happened? Life, apparently. Last year the singer re-emerged in full-length form with comeback album Landing on a Hundred, which featured the stellar cut “I’ve Been Life,” which sounds like Curtis Mayfield taking on 1970s Jamaican dub. 


Sat, Oct 5 | 9:00 PM (8:00 Door)
The Mercy Lounge
18 and over
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Cody ChesnuTT

Atlanta GA  |  R&B/Soul

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