Chairlift (Free Show) w/Treekeeper & Future Unlimited DJ Set

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Last week, Animal Collective canceled their July 19 show at Marathon — which was itself a makeup date for a cancellation back in March — due to an ongoing band member illness. Luckily, scheduled openers Chairlift — along with locals TreeKeeper and Future Unlimited — are picking up the slack, offering this free show in AC’s absence. Also luckily? Chairlift is excellent. It goes without saying, especially in Nashville, that there’s no singular path to success in music. Most who pay even a small amount of attention to the industry can say without hesitation that they’ve basically seen it all. Still, there are days when a rare anomaly occurs, as when three friends attending the University of Colorado began writing songs meant exclusively for haunted-house soundtracks, only to find themselves lavished with online buzz and a major label contract by the time they finished senior finals. Since that odd, endearing tale took place in the mid-Aughts, the Brooklyn duo has toured relentlessly with the likes of Gotye and The Killers, and released two fine albums of ’80s-tilting synth pop. The formula isn’t exactly groundbreaking  — Millennials have paid more than enough homage to the decade that reared them — but Chairlift executes it much better than most. Give “I Belong in Your Arms” a spin and I’m sure you’ll agree.

—Ryan Burleson

Fri, Jul 19 | 8:00 PM (7:00 Door)
Marathon Music Works
18 and over
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Brooklyn NY  |  Alternative

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