Dharmonic Deluxe w/Linear Downfall, Bad Friend

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The Buddhist concept of dharma invokes divine law — the natural order of things. We may not be able to tell you if your chakras are properly aligned, or whether the universe will smile on you for just letting The Dude abide, but we can tell you that Wisconsin’s Dharmonic Deluxe makes a satisfyingly weird, synth-laced, proggy stew of math rock that obeys its own rules, and you can even dance to it. Like Zappa and Primus before them, the members of DD use a sense of humor to keep their impressive instrumental skills from overwhelming the audience, as in the skittering vaudeville funk of “Matriarchetype.” Joining them are local pop deconstructionists Linear Downfall, whose persistent striving for unusual sounds earned them a respectable fan base, now developing into a place among the loose-knit family of bands headed by bizarro psych standard-bearers The Flaming Lips. Fellow local trio Bad Friend is the perfect opener for this carnival of heady mayhem, dealing in down-to-earth college rock that hearkens to a time before Weezer made us feel all awkward about it. 

—Stephen Trageser

Fri, Jul 19 | 9:30 PM
Betty's Grill
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Bad Friend

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