Nude Beach w/Suspicious Beasts & Fox Fun

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The exclusivity of the upcoming Petty Fest had some people bummed out, and a few howling with rage. If that sounds like you, take a deep breath and drop the needle on Nude Beach’s sophomore record, II. (And even if your budget is Beyoncé’s-jeans tight, go grab the group’s eponymous debut, available gratis via their SoundCloud.) The Brooklyn trio isn’t trying to be the poor man’s Heartbreakers, but their tuneful punk ’n’ roll bears marks of the masters circa Damn the Torpedoes, with guitars that walk the wire between a driving jangle and a righteous shred, and a snarling, grinning approach to love, life and … y’know, all the important stuff. All the way from Tokyo, Suspicious Beasts make their U.S. debut, supporting Nude Beach’s fall tour with a healthy blast of country-rock infused with power pop and a slice of hardcore punk on the side. Local not-such-youngsters-anymore Fox Fun will open with their rollicking garage sounds. We’ve been eagerly awaiting their debut full-length, but as long as we can get a taste in person, we’re happy to let it cook a little longer. 


Mon, Sep 9 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
$7 ADV / $7 DOS
18 and over
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Nude Beach

Brooklyn NY  |  Alternative

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