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I recently happened upon a review of Audrey Auld’s new album that crowed, “Yes, they do make country like they used to!” The writer clearly had classic country in mind, but he could’ve thrown alt-country in there, too. Auld, a singing, songwriting Aussie expat and proud East Nashvillian, has a deep understanding of Loretta Lynn-style straight-talking spunk. (Check out the short, sweet and smart-ass shuffle “Drinking Problem” on Auld’s latest, Tonk.) She also tweaks the old alt-country underdog attitude with panache, taking jabs at “trans-fat, corn-fed country songs” and “rhinestone rhinoplasty scars” throughout her hillbilly boogie “Nashville #1.” In her decade-and-a-half solo career, she’s recorded in Australia with Kasey Chambers’ father Bill; in Austin with mother and son Kimmie and Gabe Rhodes; and this time around, in George Bradfute’s Madison studio Tone Chaparral — once the ranch-style home of Jim Reeves — with a tonk-savvy Bradfute and Kenny Vaughan-led team, including all three of Marty Stuart’s Fabulous Superlatives. 

—Jewly Hight

Tue, Sep 17 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Audrey Auld

Nashville TN  |  Country

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