Rikki Blu, Classic Williams & Sean Michael

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

It looks like Nashville hip-hop has found a new home — and the timing couldn’t have been better. For all of the talent and creativity that we’ve got in town, it’s never seemed like the scene could find a room to call its own. The dance clubs really click with live shows, and the city’s rock rooms are, obviously, geared more toward rock. But the blank slate that is The East Room frees the scene from undue expectations, allowing the artists to flourish — and flourish they have. This weekend’s double-helping of hella-tight hip-hop shows (see the pick on the Blueprint/Illogic/KidDead/Spoken Nerd show Sunday) starts tonight: Up-and-comers Rikki Blu and Sean Michael are joining Classic Williams (who is quickly becoming one of the scene’s most challenging, exciting artists) on the East Side for an evening of next-school rap vibes. The Dozier Himself, YGTUT and Ro Marquez also perform. 

—Sean L. Maloney

Fri, Jul 26 | 9:00 PM
The East Room
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Rikki Blu

Nashville TN  |  Hip-Hop

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