Electric Citizen, Ttotals & Churchyard

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Psych warriors, daytrippers, audio astronauts: Lend me your ears. Here we have three very diverse and sublime examples of three different types of psychedelic rock. First you have Cincinnati’s Electric Citizen, a quintet of heavy, late-’60s/early-’70s-styled proggy acid rockers in the vein of, say, Black Sabbath or Iron Butterfly, but with a female lead vocalist who sounds just a bit like Geddy Lee. In a great way. Then there’s local outer-blues/psych explorers Ttotals, the noisy, avant-guardians I’ve compared heavily to ’80s experimentalists Spacemen 3. Rounding out tonight’s bill are newcomers Churchyard, whose dreamy, lo-fi, ’verbed-out brand of poppy psych-grunge is probably the most accessible fare on the ticket. All in all, good, good shit — a primo psychedelic gumbo, if you can find it. The Other Basement is a private residence and house-show venue, so we try not to spread their address around too much. But we will say that it’s near Belmont, and if you’re a C+ or better at Internetting, you’ll likely have no trouble getting there.

—D. Patrick Rodgers

Sat, Jul 27 | 9:00 PM
The Other Basement
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Electric Citizen

Cincinnati OH  |  Rock, Metal

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