Blueprint w/Illogic, KidDead & Spoken Nerd

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Hope you caught that pick a couple pages back where we were like, “Yo, The East Room is where the hip-hop’s at,” because we weren’t just running our mouths — which, admittedly, we’ve been known to do — and the Room has another night of straight fire. Columbus, Ohio-based rapper/producer Blueprint is one of the underground’s hidden gems — a progressive force in a regressive genre who’s been pushing the envelope for more than a decade.  A cohort of rjd2 — peep their classic Soul Position collab — and former running mate of the Rhymesayers backpack empire, Blueprint is on that next shit, delivering mind-bending beats and spine-tingling live shows alongside Columbus homies Illogic and DJ Rare Groove. Locals KidDead and Spoken Nerd, two of the most creative and enterprising emcees on the scene, round out the lineup.

—Sean L. Maloney

Sun, Jul 28 | 9:00 PM
The East Room
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Columbus OH  |  Hip-Hop/Rap

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