The Privates w/ Echo Group,

and What Up, English

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

As individuals, local power-pop quartet The Privates never stopped working for a second. Frontman Dave Paulson heads up the tremendously popular party-time ’90s covers outfit My So-Called Band, drummer Rollum Haas tours the country with longtime local faves The Features, and top-notch sidemen Keith Lowen (bass) and Ryan Norris (guitars/keyboards) seem to spend their lives onstage with various outfits. But it’s been about three years since they took the stage as a unit, and as a result, the city’s indie-rock scene has had a great-big gaping hole where The Privates once lived. Via blisteringly energetic live shows and weird, jagged, angular, defiant, scrappy little pop songs like “Pocari Sweat,” “Heart’s Got a Hole” and “I’ll Be Honest,” The Privates marry punk freneticism with true musicianship — not unlike Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson before them. “Giddy” is probably the best word to describe how we feel about their return, even if it’s just for one show. Fingers crossed there’s more to come. Fellow local indie rockers Echo Group and What Up English will open.


Fri, Aug 9 | 9:00 PM
The Stone Fox
18 and over
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Echo Group

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