The Rev. Horton Heat w/Unknown Hinson

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The Cramps may have rescued the rockabilly sound from the dustbin of history by injecting it with huge doses of punk attitude, American trash culture and lowbrow humor, but it took psychobilly road warriors like the Rev. Horton Heat and Unknown Hinson to add authentic Southern grit and spread the gospel to the unwashed unbelievers. Now these two longtime titans of shit-kickin’ tunes and times have teamed up to take their rolling revival to the cretins, heathens and assorted ne’er-do-wells. With local boys Hillbilly Casino also on the bill, there will not be an unopened can of whup-ass left in Nashville.

—Randy Fox

Fri, Nov 1 | 8:00 PM (7:00 Door)
Marathon Music Works
18 and over
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Reverend Horton Heat

Dallas TX  |  Rockabilly

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