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For better or worse, EDM is the new pop music. And while the crusty old ravers may cry in their JNCOs about how much better the scene was when it was still underground, we’d like to point out that the crossover has actually made pop music better — and that’s a good thing for everybody. Sure, there was a point where we wanted to keep the scene to ourselves, but frankly, we’d rather see a Top 40 chart filled with straight-up bangers than another saccharine Diane Warren piece of shit. So we’re pretty stoked about the astronomical rise of Chicago’s Krewella, and we’d like to nominate them for next great force in mainstream music. Their lyrics border on vapid, and their production is a purist’s worst nightmare — hopping as it does between genres and styles, with nary a care in the world — but good God, do they know how to turn in a catchy fucking song.

—Sean L. Maloney

Tue, Nov 12 | 8:00 PM (7:00 Door)
War Memorial Auditorium
$22 - $25
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Chicago IL  |  Dance, Electronic

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