Protohype w/Sosa, Treekeeper & special guest Purpl Monk

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

Last time Protohype came to the Exit/In we had one of those nights. You know, the ones where you know you left the house, you know you had a great time, but you don’t really remember any of the details. And you know you have to take the bus back into town because your car isn’t in the driveway. But it was all worth it! Or at least, that’s what we were thinking as we barfed discreetly behind the bus bench. (OK, it might not have been that discreet.) Point is, Protohype delivers high-energy, dancehall-infused club bangers that ride the line between gritty dub-wobble and trap’s thugged-out space-groove swagger. These are big-room anthems for big-time parties, and it’s only appropriate that the dude is taking over the city’s freshest dance emporium to throw down. Also on the bill is DJ Sosa, Treekeeper and Purpl Monk. 

—Sean L. Maloney

Sat, Aug 31 | 9:30 PM
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Los Angeles CA  |  Dance

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