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Rock City Birdhouse

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Funny story: Our mother’s Rock City birdhouse — an actual birdhouse branded with the famous rooftop advertisement — was never home to any birds. It was, however, a favorite hangout of the neighborhood bats — and that’s far more rock ’n’ roll. But even more rock ’n’ roll than bats in a birdhouse is Rock City Birdhouse, the semi-frequent collaboration between Superdrag’s Tom Pappas and The Shazam’s Mick Wilson and Scott Ballew. RCB’s 2012 album Breakage is an fuzzed-out, over-the-top blend of goofball glam, punk belligerence and heavy metal hooliganism. If we had to nail it down to one genre — which we hate to do, because we’re music writers and hyphenating adjectives is our bread and butter — we’d have to say that Rock City Birdhouse falls squarely in the pub-rock category. So toast one to the bats, and rock the hell out. 


Sat, Aug 17 | 9:00 PM (8:00 Door)
12th & Porter
18 and over
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The Static Trees

Nashville TN  |  Rock

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