Criaturas w/Cannomen, Pissbath & Vacant Future

Nashville Scene Critic's Pick …

We might not know exactly what Criaturas are saying, but we know what they’re saying, man. This lady-fronted hardcore en español outfit delivers the sort of blistering, pit-ready blasts that translate, regardless of language or cultural barriers. That they’re from Austin should be no surprise — they’ve got the viciousness of Millions of Dead Cops and the musicality of The Big Boys, two of the greatest punk bands ever who just happened to come from the City of the Violet Crown. Their debut album, Espiritu de Libertad, is an unrelenting exercise in punk fury, the sort of record that bludgeons your brain into submission with minute-long explosions of righteous, youthful anger. It’s a refreshing take on an often tired formula, and it’s one that makes us old punks think it’s time to turn in the Tevas and bust out the boots.

—Sean L. Maloney

Fri, Aug 9 | 10:00 PM
The Other Basement
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Los Angeles CA  |  Rock

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