The Ignorist

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Some bands are built for the arena, some bands are built for the clubs — and some bands are built to play in the back room at the local billiards hall, tucked in between the ping-pong tables and the shuffleboard. There’s something about having to cut through cigarette smoke with a chainsaw in a subterranean venue that makes for a good rock show — and the back room at Melrose Billiards is the perfect setting for The Ignorist. Featuring Mickey Ethridge and Jason Manley — who were in Daphne’s Operation, the seminal but sorta-forgotten Murfreesboro band that would yield to Glossary — The Ignorist plays angular art-rock that harks back to the days of lo-fi tape-trading and post-post-punk slackerdom with a slight country accent, recalling the early days of Silver Jews and Scud Mountain Boys and the halcyon days of Shrimper Records.


Sat, Aug 17 | 9:00 PM
Melrose Billiards
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The Ignorist

Nashville TN  |  Adult Contemporary

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