Kayo Dot w/The Most Amazing Century Of Science & The Ascent of Everest

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If Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue and Blue Lambency Downward sound more like titles of paintings than albums, you’ve got the right frame of reference for Kayo Dot. The avant-metal ensemble’s latest LP, Hubardo, continues their decade-long tradition of fusing elements of arty prog to skull-imploding grindcore in lyrical and inventive ways. We’d have a hard time picking better locals to share the bill, starting with merry pranksters Most Amazing Century of Science, who pack their wry humor into tiny, detailed compositions, few of which last more than 90 seconds. With two of its principals fresh off a project scoring the short thriller “Devil’s Damned to Try,” The Ascent of Everest rounds out the festivities with their chill-inducing cinematic sweep.


Sun, Nov 10 | 8:00 PM
The End
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Kayo Dot


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